giving thanks: cards of appreciation



‘Tis the season once again to search among the voluminous displays of Christmas decorations to find the one obscure endcap that acknowledges that we have yet to celebrate Thanksgiving. And while that is slightly irritating, I try to put my energy into helping our family focus on the practice of giving thanks before the wave of Christmas good cheer inevitably hits.


For the past two or three years at Thanksgiving I’ve tried to reach out to people who are important to our family who we might not always think to appreciate. I try to involve the kids as much as possible. My original plan for this year was to have the 8 year old write notes of appreciation and decorate them with illustrations from an impressive cache of his nature sketches. Unfortunately, no such cache of drawings exists, and since the last month and a half has been less than stellar for our family, we winged it. I have to trust that our final product will still create the warm fuzzies that my original plans envisioned.

Fortunately, I bought a stack of 200 or so blank cards at the craft store last month. This made it much easier to get started. Next, I found four vintage Thanksgiving postcard images on Pinterest, resized them to fit our cards, and printed them off.


I also typed up some thank you messages (once again sized to fit the cards) and printed them off as well. Then the boys and I gathered at the kitchen table with scissors and glue. We cut out the pictures and typed messages and glued a picture to the front of each card and a message inside. Once everything was glued the boys signed their names and we were done!


Looking back, my original plan would have been a frustrating disaster. My 8 year old has just recently been showing an interest in writing things independently. Had I made him sit down and hand-write 10 messages, his interest probably would have regressed by several months. As it went, everyone enjoyed the project and no one complained. I’d call that a win!

Who did we write to? Teachers from their classes at church, elderly friends, the staff at our library, and the farmers who run our favorite farm stand. Not a lot, but we made the effort, and this year, that’s a win in my book!

Do you do any activities to show appreciation in honor of Thanksgiving?



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