yarn along ~ january 8

yarn along january 8 2014

On the needles: Steady work on the scarf continues; a few rows a day squeezed in whenever I can. This is just the pace my knitting can take right now.

Off the shelf: Re-re-reading through an old favorite: Project Based Homeschooling–I have so much to learn and so much to try, but it’s an encouraging and inspiring read. Also, slowly trying to find time to improve my drawing skills, I was delighted to find Botanical Drawing in Color at the library; I’m looking forward to trying out some of the ideas the author shares.

See what others are reading, knitting, and/or crocheting this week at Ginny’s Yarn Along.

4 thoughts on “yarn along ~ january 8

  1. Oh wow – that Botanical Drawing book looks really cool (though I think your link to it might be broken – I had to search for it on Amazon). I love botanical prints, but I never stopped to think that someone had probably broken down how to learn the art yourself. So cool!

    1. Hi Jessica–Thanks for the heads-up on the link–I think I have it fixed now.
      I know–I never thought about there being a book on how to draw this way. I love botanical prints, too, but went looking for a book after my 5 year old wanted a book on how to draw flowers and discovered this one! I haven’t looked into them yet, but in the back of the book the author lists the websites of entire societies/organizations dedicated to botanical drawing–very exciting! Thanks for stopping by!

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