a yarn along happy new year



I just had to join a Yarn Along that fell on New Year’s Day!

On the needles: Since the last Yarn Along I joined, I’ve ripped out the scarf I was working on then, and started another. I couldn’t stand how the edges on the original scarf kept rolling, so I found a pattern to follow, and I am slipping a stitch at the beginning of each row. There is still some rolling, but it’s much better than my original attempt.

Off the bookshelf: The arrival of seed catalogs in my mailbox has inspired one of my spontaneous mini-obsessions. Somewhere the other day I ran across something on Beatrix Potter, which led to me checking out several biographies about her and watching the delightful movie, Miss Potter. I’ve been reading Beatrix Potter’s Gardening LifeThe Plants & Places that Inspired the Classic Children’s Tales; it’s an easy, yet engaging read. While the book’s focus is Beatrix’s gardens, the author has included enough details about her personal life and how those experiences shaped her books to make it a personable, interesting account of her fascinating life.

What are you knitting and reading this week? Happy New Year!


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