‘tis the season for giving thanks (repurposing children’s books for thank you notes)


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I hate throwing out children’s books—it particular, I hate throwing out children’s books with great illustrations. I also hold strong convictions about entitlement, teaching gratitude, and saying thank you with a handwritten note. I’m sure there are many Pinterest-worthy ideas for repurposing old children’s books, but I haven’t searched them out yet. Over the past few years we’ve begun using our much-loved or thrifted books to make thank you cards and extend the life of those lovely illustrations just a bit longer.

We make a simple 4×6” card (roughly) out of cardstock, choose a favorite illustration, and glue it to the front.  A handwritten or typed note easily goes inside, and then it’s off to the post office. Year-round and in the weeks leading up to Christmas, it’s easy to pull out a stack of pre-folded cardstock, some battered books, and keep little hands busy with cutting and gluing.  Then, when it’s time to write thank yous, there’s already a lovely selection of cards to choose from.

Do you still handwrite thank you notes?


2 thoughts on “‘tis the season for giving thanks (repurposing children’s books for thank you notes)

  1. This is such a lovely idea! I’ve had to “let go” of the idea that my children would make it all the way through childhood unscathed. This is a great way to say goodbye to some that have been especially well-loved (or fallen into the clutches of baby hands).

  2. This a great idea! Another might be to cut them and laminate them to be used on a story board. Yes, we still do hand written Thank yous. I just saw an add somewhere in our community looking for donations of cards, notes, stationary, and such for a project. Can not remember exactly where though. Will have to research it.

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