for the birds











Before the weather turned cold we made a batch of suet. Last winter we didn’t get any feeders filled for the birds, and the boys and I really missed watching them every day. I was a little disappointed that most of the feed sat untouched (except for the bag of suet devoured by the chipmunks); but with the first day of cold weather things really changed—we immediately began seeing increased activity at all of the feeders. The night before the super cold weather hit I put out black sunflower seeds especially for the chickadees and the following morning it took less than an hour for them to be discovered.

Usually our standard feeder birds are chickadees and juncos. But in one morning we spotted three types of birds we hadn’t seen yet this year: a spotted towhee, ruby-crowned kinglets, and some other little bird (maybe a wren of some sort).

I’m glad we made the effort to get our feathered friends set up for winter—they’re great entertainment when you’re stuck indoors.

What kinds of birds do you see at your feeders during the winter?


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