a nature exchange





We had a great time collecting items for the nature exchange organized by Mud Puddles to Meteors.  My boys were so excited when our package from Leanne and her boys in New Jersey arrived that they could hardly contain themselves.  The egg carton we received was divided between “things found at the beach” and “things found in the woods/our farm”.

We also sent items from the beach and woods, and found that several of the things we exchanged were the same (sand, a crab claw, and feathers, for example)!  (This didn’t detract from the experience at all–it actually made it fun to see that although we live on opposite coasts, we had a lot of things from nature in common!)

Some of the items we really enjoyed were the sea glass, alpaca fleece (they have an alpaca farm!), and snail shells that washed up on the beach after Hurricane Sandy!  Thanks again, Leanne and boys–I think we’ll be making a shadow box of all the wonderful things you sent!




5 thoughts on “a nature exchange

  1. This is such a great idea! Not only to find out a little about someone or someplace in another area but it hits so many other levels of learning too. Science, outdoors, gathering, mailing, exchange, their nature/our nature, recycling, weather effects. I so wish this idea had come about when my boys were younger. Thank you for sharing this and have a great time with it. Keep us posted on what exchanges and discovery happens next, can’t wait to see and hear about it.

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