twitterature link-up w/ modern mrs. darcy ~ all about learning




This is my first foray into the monthly Twitterature link-up with Modern Mrs. Darcy. Here’s what I’ve been reading . . .

Parents Without Borders by Christine Gross-Loh

My favorite “here’s-what-parents-around-the-world-do” book so far. Sleep, school, chores, and food were my favorite areas–always can use help with the food.


Legendary Learning: The Famous Homeschoolers’ Guide to Self-Directed Excellence by Jamie McMillin

Brilliant concept–examine the childhood and learning of famous successful people and apply the findings to your own child’s learning. No surprises–each famous person followed their interests and passions on their own with or without the blessing of their parents/teachers, etc. Inspiring!


Workshops Work! by Patricia Zaballos

Complete rethinking of the writing workshop as it is usually presented to classroom teachers. Zaballos speaks with a confident voice of experience from years of running workshops for young writers. Especially applies to homeschoolers, but everything I’ve experimented with in my writing classes at school has worked wonderfully.  I’ll be returning to this one again and again.


Dinner: A Love Story by Jenny Rosenstrach

The blog  is a constant source of culinary and literary inspiration. I bought the Kindle version on sale, not for the recipes (although they are worth it), but so I can study how Rosenstrach so effortlessly turns her humorous, witty phrases. Just getting started on this one.





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