yarn along ~ september 18



Joining Ginny for today’s Yarn Along . . .

On the needles: I’m getting a start on my Christmas knitting–this may be the only gift I knit this year, but Spud has made repeated requests for his own scarf.  I’m making it up as I go–stockinette stitch, a long rectangle of gray with three red stripes and some ribbing at each end.  So far it’s looking fine except for the annoying rolling along the outside edges.

Off the bookshelf: I’m a sucker for reading about international parenting practices in books like these four, and while I’d recommend some over others, I always learn something new.  I’ve only read the first two chapters of Parenting Without Borders by Christine Gross-Loh, but the first chapter on sleep was especially timely since FB is not cooperating in that department right now.  I’m especially looking forward to reading this book as it includes perspectives from Japanese parents and culture, as well as others, and I have mainly only read those from a French perspective to this point.


Happy reading and knitting!


7 thoughts on “yarn along ~ september 18

    1. What a great scarf! I love the red & gray together!! I have Parenting Without Borders on my bookshelf. I read the first chapter awhile ago & then put it down. I should pick it up again!

  1. I once made a striped scarf in stockinette, it curled up so much on the sides that I ended up with a knitted roll 😛 – nothing, not even repeated blocking could help 😛 …good luck with your project, the color combination is lovely 🙂

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