like a real garden







(I took these pictures at different times during the summer–thus, the varying plant heights.)

It’s not something we’ve experience much during the past few summers, but this year I got to experience one of my favorite things ever.  It had been so long, in fact, that I’d almost forgotten what it’s like.  That feeling of walking through garden rows with plants brushing my calves, knees, even shoulders.  Rows of plants so profuse that they swallow small children in a single gulp–a perfect setting for hide and seek.  This summer I walked the rows and felt the cool shade below the plants at my ankles, while the sun beat down on my head.  We harvested our first real corn (the ears are only 6 inches long, and not quite finished, but it was our corn) and there’s more to come.  Each time I go to the garden I walk down some of the rows just to have it happen all over again, and I think with surprise, “It’s just like a real garden.”  Not much compares.




One thought on “like a real garden

  1. It has taken me awhile to get your new site to a peer on my follow list (no fault of yours only my own & my computer ) but I finally achieved it and what a great story to have popped up first. I could feel your pride over the corn and longed to feel that same experience. But, since we again find ourselves with out a garden of our own this year, I will have to be content to live the joy through you and gladly do so. Enjoy your bounty and keep up the great work, I love to hear about it all.

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