making progress on a space for learning





Last month, as I took the Project Based Homeschooling Master Class, we were given the challenge of setting up a dedicated learning space.  I took a first look at what I had to work with here, and finally got most of the pieces in place at the beginning of this week.

We tried to make a space for Spud that was user-friendly, and toddler unfriendly (but not too unfriendly–we still want FB to be drawn to the work that Spud is doing.)  The last photo above shows FB standing in triumph in the new work area, mere seconds after it was “open for business”.  He immediately wanted to be doing whatever his brother was doing in the same space.

I moved lesser-used books to the shelves above the table and tried to leave more popular ones on the lower bookshelf.  Guess which books are now the most popular (yes, the ones up high).  Guess I’ll be rotating them every so often.

The second and third bookshelves to the right of the table are pretty much inaccessible to FB, so Spud can put things there that he wants to protect.  However, FB did discover that the paper is stored on the lower shelf, and helps himself to it on a regular basis.

I still want to add more light sources and mirrors to brighten up the corner (maybe some under-shelf lighting above the desk), as well as a few hooks and ways to make tools and supplies easy to reach.

For his part, Spud is pretty thrilled with the whole arrangement.  I gave him his own notebook/journal and made sure he was well-stocked with tape and glue.  I’m looking forward to adding more art and office supplies soon.  He has been using the space daily as best one can when they are fending off an adoring younger brother.  We’ll be working on that next!



2 thoughts on “making progress on a space for learning

  1. this looks fantastic! 😀 i remember your before pictures; i love how you combined everything!

    and he’s using his space daily — can’t get any better than that. ❤

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