csa weeks 7 and 8 — return of the kohlrabi

So, computer issues intervened last week, and I’m rolling two weeks into one for this CSA update . . .

csa week 7

csa week 7--romano beans

Week 7 was bountiful–lots of yummy goodness, but I still haven’t used the bok choy 😦  I tried out a new recipe with the romano beans.  I thought it was delicious–everyone else, not so much.

csa week 8

week 8 kohlrabi

Week 8’s haul was so big, I had a hard time fitting it all in the picture.  We used almost everything from week 8, but that colossal kohlrabi (6 inches across) is still taunting me from the refrigerator.  And shhhhh!!!, don’t tell anyone, but I snuck the turnips from both weeks into some mashed potatoes–no one seemed to notice that anything was amiss!


2 thoughts on “csa weeks 7 and 8 — return of the kohlrabi

  1. That kohlrabi is so big that it might be really tough and woody inside. Let us know. I like to peel them and then make soup – it’s a really delicate flavor.

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