csa week 3 ~ lessons learned

csa week 3

The plan for week 3’s CSA haul was to fly by the seat of my pants.  Not surprisingly, this did not prove to be very profitable.  Most things (carrots, artichokes, strawberries, lettuce, and even the fava beans) worked their way into our daily meals without much effort.  However, my plans to use everything up within a week’s time fell flat when I discovered, as I was putting away this week’s veggies, that I’d completely overlooked the kale, broccoli, a good share of the zucchini, and most crushing of all, the basil. 

Basil is one of the crown jewels of our CSA share because I’ve never had much luck growing it, and I have yet to locate a local farm that sells it in any quantity (much less the large-batch pesto quantities I desire).  The other things I overlooked are still fresh, but the basil went to the bottom of the garbage can in a slimy, disappointed mess.  Ouch.

csa week 3 (4)

csa week 3 (5)

csa week 3 (6)

And, as a heat wave is scheduled to arrive in less than 48 hours, I headed out to our raised beds, suffering from the misguided notion that nothing much was going on out there.  An hour later we returned to the porch with armfuls of Swiss chard, spinach, and rhubarb that would have most certainly bolted or wilted in the approaching heat.  I have my work cut out for me, but this time I’m making a plan.


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