csa week 2

csa week #2
Our week 2 CSA bag was brimming with surprises and possibilities.  I was relieved to see that there was no kohlrabi and thrilled with the strawberries and basil.  What else could we make for/with those lovelies other than shortcake and pesto?  (Separately, of course.)  Cucumbers disappeared the first day in Cowboy’s lunch; carrots and broccoli made great snack foods.  The artichoke-lovers devoured all four artichokes at one meal, and the zucchini became three loaves of bread, plus more shredded in the freezer.  Still looking for a good (healthy) recipe for zucchini bread—any suggestions? 
csa week 2 green beans
The green beans were a cinch, because Cowboy loves them smothered in flour gravy.
csa weeks 2 and 3
And that brings us to fava beans . . . Despite my resolution to use each week’s produce before the next week’s delivery, the fava beans lingered in the fridge until this morning where they joined with this week’s fava beans in a salad recommended by our CSA.  Tomatoes, red onions (ours were sweet yellows instead), fava beans, and feta (Mexican soft cheese, instead, for us), tossed with a vinaigrette.  I added a few garbanzos from the refrigerator shelf as well.  Not bad for our first time trying fava beans, although prepping them is surprisingly time intensive


2 thoughts on “csa week 2

  1. The salad looks yummy, like something that would be served along side mini tacos on a warm Summer's evening. BUT! I am not sure you need a healthier recipe for the bread when… Cowboy is eating flour gravy. 🙂 As for the bread in the past I have substituted part of my wheat flour for oat flour, added less white/brown sugar and replaced it with honey. I also found if you add naturally sweet items to the bread you can add less sugar for example shredded coconut or raisins (I always re-hydrate them before adding them in). Not sure if this makes the bread any healthier but I feel the more we can stay away from commercially processed items the better. Could you email me the info about the CSA? I would love to get in on this since we did not get a chance to put in a garden.

  2. Just in case you get a Kohlrabi again (My husband loves these, me not so much). I have found some ways to use them besides raw and in salads on these sites. Just in case … Kohlrabi Kalan with coconut and chiles, from My CookbookCeleriac and kohlrabi rosti an Indian kohlrabi fritter from Rosa Jackson’s Edible AdventuresKohlrabi and apple slaw from A Veggie VentureRoasted kohlrabi from A Veggie VenturePuréed kohlrabi from Farmgirl FareSpicy kohlrabi sukke from Aayi’s RecipesKohlrabi curry from Cook’s HideoutKohlrabi remoulade from Nourish MeQuick kohlrabi pickles from Restaurant Widow

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