csa week 1 ~ our maiden voyage

When I heard that a local farm was starting our town’s first ever CSA, I signed up immediately.  They’ve been running a successful honor-system farm stand for the past two summers, so I’m familiar with the quality of their produce.  Despite a nice spring we got our latest start ever on the garden, so we might need a little help in the fresh vegetable department this year.  And it just sounds fun to pick up a surprise bag of local seasonal vegetables each week; it will keep me on my toes, as I’m determined not to waste a scrap (even more so after watching Dive!).  Given most of the family’s penchant for picky eating (yes, how are we doing with that?), I’m in for quite a challenge. 
Here’s what we brought home last Tuesday,
csa week 1 2013 with text
and here’s what we did with it:
csa week 1 2013 artichokes
Italian artichokes: These are a favorite with Jr. and Bug, so these were the first things we cooked, using this recipe.
CarrotsCauliflower soup, and stir-fry.  The rest became carrot sticks.
Cauliflower—Cauliflower soup (see carrots) in one easy meal.  A nice soup, but the broth flavor was too strong.  I might try again with less broth or look for a different recipe.
csa week 1 2013 variety 1
Zucchini—Into crockpot minestrone and one loaf of zucchini bread; the extra was frozen for future loaves.  I subbed maple syrup for sugar and coconut oil for regular in this recipe.
Kohlrabi—Mediterranean-type “Slaw” with tomatoes, cukes, radishes, and olives; minestrone, stir-fry, and quinoa tabbouleh.
csa week 1 2013 radishes
Radishes—”slaw” and a butter and radish sandwich
Kale—Minestrone; the rest will be kale chips.


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