project simplify continues: the front porch

Although Project Simplify is long over, I’ve been soldiering on with bringing more order to our home.  While the downstairs got a pretty thorough going-over, the upstairs seems to be where all of the resulting detritus landed.  I’m making my way slowly through that mess, but I did find success with the “Put-Off Project” that I began in April.
Both times that I’ve cleaned our front porch, it’s been during a frenzied flurry of third trimester cleaning. Strangely enough, the clutter always returns within a few weeks of baby’s arrival. hmmmm . . . So although there’s no impending baby this time (sorry, grandmas), I’m more hopeful that this cleanup will be permanent.
front porch after
I couldn’t find a “before” photo; I was probably too embarrassed to take one.  But let’s just say that before, walking across our deck was a challenge.  Two full trash cans later, we have a lovely space to spend both rainy and sunny days this summer. 
One of my favorite things is to walk through a newly cleaned space throughout the day; it always lifts my spirits.  What about you?


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