closets and piles ~ project simplify continues

It’s hard to stay indoors and clean when April is gifting us with the best weather we’ve seen in three or four years. I’m playing catch up with Project Simplify, but I’m determined to see it through to the finish.
closets 1
During “Closet Week” I only had five closets to tackle, but didn’t even start on them until the first day of “Pile Week”. Taking a cue from Tsh’s closet project, I emptied our main coat closet that sits under the stairs; all of the used-once-a-year Christmas decorations were banished to the garage, and there’s plenty of room for toy storage in there now.  Our two linen closets were pretty easy, but I downsized much of our blanket and towel collections.
closets 2
Then came my closet. There’s something about having a baby that turns my closet into a pit. I’m sure it has something to do with the combination of maternity, nursing, and regular clothes coming together into one giant vortex of chaos as soon as I arrive home from the hospital with baby. The “after” picture doesn’t look that great, but it really is a huge improvement over what was there before.
I still have to purge Spud & FB’s closet, but four out of five isn’t bad!
The beauty of cleaning shelves, drawers, and closets before piles is that anything that doesn’t have a specific place just goes in a pile. I felt a fantastic sense of freedom in putting things in piles because I knew I’d deal with them in week 3. Two pile magnets in our house are the bookcase at the foot of our bed and the desk.
piles 3
I’ve cleaned the foot of the bed off more times than I care to count, but the clutter always returns. The problem is I don’t have a concrete plan for mail and paperwork, and so it all accumulates there. Plus I have several willing contributors who add to the mess.
piles 2
piles before
As I’ve progressed through each week of Project Simplify, this pile grew as I found miscellaneous paperwork, bills, and filing.  As of yesterday it has almost all been taken care of with just a few stragglers .  My most fulfilling accomplishment was getting all of our medical paperwork scanned and tagged in Evernote—no more overflowing notebook of medical records sitting around!
This week’s Project Simplify challenge is an area that hasn’t been covered in the previous three weeks.  With the downstairs completely finished, I’m going to try and get the upstairs under control.
Have you been doing any spring cleaning?

One thought on “closets and piles ~ project simplify continues

  1. Good for you! I loved taking part in Project Simplify and I could (probably should) keep going. 😉 I fully sympathize with the maternity/nursing/"regular" clothing conundrum!

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