an experiment kit (inspired by martin & sylvia of sparkle stories)

Much of Spud’s imaginative play is inspired by books we read.  In the past few weeks I’ve been “paid” for 500 pounds of butter–a la Mother in Farmer Boy–and on our frequent walks it is now tradition to “grease our boots” (rub them in mud) after the custom of Almanzo–also from Farmer Boy

After listening to the Martin & Sylvia story, “Martin’s Gold”, Spud wanted to conduct an experiment much like Sylvia’s.  This involved mixing a variety of spices, water, and flour, and generally making a mess (which I was resigned to from the start).  Since then, he’s asked repeatedly to do another experiment, but I always have an excuse as to why right now is an inconvenient time; his pleas have become so heartfelt that I really was embarrassed and ashamed that I hadn’t taken what little time I needed to help him out.
FB gets me out of bed sometime around 5 every morning.  After he ate breakfast he was in a great mood, and I realized I might have time to solve the experiment problem.  Since I’ve been cleaning out my drawers and shelves I had plenty of extra/stale ingredients on hand that were going to be thrown out and were perfect for an . . .

This came together in less than 15 minutes, and was waiting on the table for Spud when he came to breakfast 2 hours later.
Let’s take a peek inside . . .
experiment kit
Along with the ingredients, I threw in a whisk and two spoons of unknown origin.  The cookie cutters and canning ring were declared unnecessary, so I took them out.  I also gave him a large cottage cheese tub as a mixing bowl.  I closed all of the bags with clothespins, hoping to make clean up as independent as possible.  We laid down a few guidelines, and he got right to work!  Hopefully this is a workable, accessible solution for both of us! 
experiment kit 2


4 thoughts on “an experiment kit (inspired by martin & sylvia of sparkle stories)

  1. That's a great way to deal with old stale items! I should throw one of those together. I used to have a box full of eye droppers, food coloring, and random white things: sugar, salt, baking soda, cornstarch…I should look for it and refill!

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