planting worms, etc.

We’re on the leading edge of some downright spring-like weather—it’s so close we can taste it. When it arrives it’s supposed to stay for four or five days.  While the remaining raindrops took a break, we headed outside to plant a few worms, a la Susie
For the first time since planting our initial garden four or five years ago, I’ve actually spied a few earthworms as I’ve been turning the soil over this year.  Had I known of the wonders of vermipods back then, you can bet I would have planted them before now.  Our soil could definitely use the help of a few more wigglers; let’s hope planting a few earthworm eggs gives them the jumpstart they need.
It was just plain good to get outdoors without needing a heavy coat or protection from the rain.  Spud took his job as official worm planter very seriously, while FB took his first independent outdoor steps since finding his land legs among the Brussels sprouts.
That multicolored structure in the first picture is Bug’s temporary chicken house.  She’s the proud owner of four laying hens and, as of Monday, five baby chicks. 
Has spring arrived in your area yet?


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