abolishing picky eating ~ a beginning

I’m a big fan of the saying, “Start as you mean to go on”, but somehow I think we forgot that pearl of wisdom when Spud began eating solids.  Full of good intentions, we encouraged fruits and vegetables, discouraged junk food, rarely offered refined sugar, and completely outlawed artificial dyes.  I had grand visions of a gastronomical wunderkind who preferred hummus to hot dogs, curry to candy, and tomatoes to tater tots.  Naively, perhaps, I assumed that by encouraging the healthy and restricting the unhealthy, we’d wake up and find ourselves the parents of a happily adventurous eater.

Somewhere, somehow the plan got off track.  Spud wasn’t a picky eater exactly.  He liked many “kid unfriendly” foods like tofu, broccoli, and cucumbers.  It’s not like he ate noodles and butter for every meal or lived on orange juice and crackers, but he was becoming a whiny eater.  Before I knew what was happening, we found ourselves sliding down a slippery slope of cajoling, arguing, reasoning, and catering into a pit of Dinnertime Drama.

My first try at getting the picky-eater-runaway-train under control was inspired by this post over at FIMBY.  I’m a big believer in ‘no-nonsense eating’.  However, my first attempt at restoring order stalled in the face of several months of morning sickness which left me with an aversion to anything edible and no energy left over to butt heads with a toddler at mealtimes.

Happily, in June, 3 months post-new-baby, things were looking up, and thanks to a Yarn Along post by Jess, I discovered a book that started us down the path to non-picky eating.  We have by no means conquered this problem, but I felt a thrill of victory tonight when Spud approached the dinner table and exclaimed, “Yeah!  Brussels Sprouts–my favorite!”  I certainly never imagined I’d hear those words coming out of his mouth.

I’m hoping to pop in here over the next few weeks to explain what I’ve learned and tried.  What’s worked; what hasn’t–our story of how we’re eating foods formerly thought to be despicable, and, quite happily at that.


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