felt tactile ball for baby (or, let the unrealistic Christmas crafting goals begin)

He-Who-Crawls has taken on the middle name of He-Who-Spots-Miniscule-Items-On-the-Floor-and-Puts-them-in-His-Mouth-With-His-Talented-Pincer-Grasp-Faster-Than-the-Speed-of-Light.  This necessitates 1.) Daily vacuuming, and 2.) A selection of safe items to hold the wee one’s attention.  I present: the felt tactile ball. 
If it were safe, I would just give him an assortment of tags, but since it’s not, I came up with an alternate plan.
Using The Purl Bee’s Fabric Beach Balls pattern and regular old craft store felt, I fashioned a ball that I hope FB will enjoy.  I made the medium (7”) ball, following the original directions exactly as written, with the addition of fun tactile objects sewn between each section of the ball.  Also, I didn’t add the circular end covers on the “poles” of the ball as my points aligned quite well, and I avoid hand sewing at all costs.
To add sensory items to the ball like jingle bells, ribbons, and lace, I sewed them in place to the right side of each ball segment prior to assembling the ball as a whole.
fabric ball 1
fabric ball 2
I attached the bells using 1/8” elastic threaded through the loop/notch at the top of each bell.  This project was the perfect size for my busy days; I was able to sew a little at a time during spare moments, and it came together exactly as the directions said it would.  I can’t wait to see FB start exploring it on Christmas Day!


3 thoughts on “felt tactile ball for baby (or, let the unrealistic Christmas crafting goals begin)

  1. That's a great ball! I bet he loves all the little things to play with :)I think I'd make a million bucks if I could find a way to make power cords, paper bits and backpack tags into baby safe toys. That's all we like over here. Also, if there are 15 toys and one tiny glob of dust, she'll head straight for the dust.

  2. Love this idea, especially all the extra attachments. I haven't down loaded the pattern yet but plan too. What did you stuff it with? Jake, has drawn his 2 mo. baby cousin's name for Christmas. He is planning on making him leather Moccasin but I think this would be cute to add to the gift as well.

  3. I stuffed it with that white polyfil batting you would find at the fabric store; I have a huge bag of it, so I'd be more than happy let you have some. It would be perfect for a 2-month old, and the pattern is super easy. This might become a go-to gift for baby showers.

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