beating clutter back with a stick & other things we’ve been doing

We survived our difficult month of October with more grace and sanity than we ever have before and are moving full steam ahead.

My plan to clear our house of clutter has not materialized as quickly as I would have liked, but it is working. For the first time in five years, our stairway is devoid of clutter and has stayed that way for several weeks; corners are lighter and brighter, and today we made great headway in the biggest problem area of the house.

Last week Spud turned 4 (!), kicking off our 5-month stretch of Christmas + 6 birthdays (four in March, thankfully we catch our breath in February).  He’s reading words by sight–today he looked over my menu for the week and informed me that we were having hot dogs and corn for dinner.

FB has sprouted two teeth and just today became a certified, professional crawler.  I was hoping that sleeping through the night would come first, but apparently that wasn’t his planned course of study.

Other members of the family are dealing with things ranging from kidney stones to long school and work hours, to teenage angst.  All in all, though, things are good, and in what is surely the earliest start ever, we kicked off our Christmas story reading tradition this evening–the earlier we start, the more stories we can read!


2 thoughts on “beating clutter back with a stick & other things we’ve been doing

  1. We also had two teeth last week, and the crawling has preceded the sleeping as well!Happy birthday to your little (not so little?) one.We're also entering uber celebration mode – Thanksgiving, then at least one birthday a month until April (which will be The Youngest's first!) Oh, and Christmas in there, just for fun…I am impressed with your de-cluttering plan. We've got some work to do around here, if we don't want The Youngest to eat all of our stuff.Have a great week!

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