in everything give thanks

When the third attempt at laying him down for the night ends the same as all the others,
give thanks.
Remember those gleeful gurgles elicited by the red digital numbers blinking on the ceiling (counting away the seconds you’d planned to use for sending that e-mail, grading those papers—there will be many other seconds for things like that).  These seconds of chortling and chuckling are irreplaceable.
Thank You.
Mark his chubby toes being pulled towards his ever-exploring mouth (everything goes in the mouth), silhouetted against the backdrop of the sinking sun outside the window.
Thank You.
Write the memory of those firm yet squishy gums gnawing incessantly on your finger as slumber threatens to shut his eyes once again.
Thank You.
His little hand grasps your bare skin with those wiggly-impossible-to-trim-nails as you walk your well-worn path to the crib. 
Thank You.
Eyes pop open.  If we’re to go another round, Thank You.
Jagged hiccups echo through the wall as he fights on in his sleep.
Thank You for these moments that may never come again, because tomorrow night
might be the first night he sleeps all the way through.
“in everything give thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”—
1 Thessalonians 5:18


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