games of the toy deprived

Inspired by the loss of his toys, Spud finds new ways every day to amuse himself . . .
First, there was what, for lack of a better name, I’m calling “Can Ball”.  Empty your crayons from their designated tin can and roll it around the room by whacking it with the empty tube from a roll of aluminum foil.
Then there’s lap-running.  Crank up your favorite kiddie CD, run in circles around the room, and give your older brother a high-5 as you race by at top speed.  If things get boring, mix it up and change direction!
And, in your quieter, more contemplative moments, create some modern art.  Find an old box of clothespins and sort them according to color and type—be sure to line them up in a consistent and orderly fashion.
 (An aside—I’ve also been instructed that when removing a new box of soy milk from the shelf, I should make sure that the picture of the heart on the side is facing out.  He put them away the other day and lined them up “just so”.)
When you’ve finished your masterpiece, throw them back in the box and start all over.
Remind me again, why does he need toys?  There’s much less clutter this way!

3 thoughts on “games of the toy deprived

  1. We took all of S's toys away not too long ago, and boy oh boy life was a lot easier. A little boredom is a great thing. Now he has his toys back but only about a third of what he used to have. I love all the constructive things your sweetie found to do.

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