yarn along ~ june 27

Joining Ginny’s Yarn Along . . .
On the needles: So remember those short row counts that I could keep track of despite multiple interruptions?  Apparently they were the wrong ones for my weight of yarn, and, I memorized them so well that I knit four extra (highly unnecessary) sections, rendering the hat unwearable (my spell check informs me that is not a word) by all except, perhaps, some sort of bobblehead doll.  I ripped the four offending sections out within a matter of seconds, and a quick try on FB’s head convinced me to move forward using the correct number of sections (6, not 10) with the incorrect number of rows per section (10 instead of 12).  Happily, despite that small setback, I now find myself halfway through the back ribbing edge with only the earflaps, chinstrap, and button remaining.  This just might make it off the needles by July 5—generally regarded as the first day of summer around our neck of the woods—perfect timing for when the rain and cold breezes cease, making it sunhat weather, rather than Aviatrix weather.  So be it.  He can wear it to the beach.  It’s always windy at the beach, right?
Off the bookshelf: I’m enjoying my read this week: How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm.  Written by Mei-Ling Hopgood, this book examines unique and successful parenting practices from different cultures, and compares them with standard American practices, professional research, and her own personal experiments and applications of what she learns through her experiences with her first baby.  So far I’ve traveled to Buenos Aires (sleep), France (food habits), Kenya (strollers vs. babywearing), China (potty training), and the Aka tribe of Africa (fathering).  At the very least this book makes the case for examining our parenting decisions through the lens of what is best for baby and family, rather than according to societal norms or advertising “truth”.  As soon as I finish this whirlwind trip around the globe, it’s off to France for more parenting advice.  Bringing up Bebe is waiting for me at the library, and I’m really looking forward to reading it. 
What are you reading and knitting/crocheting this week?



2 thoughts on “yarn along ~ june 27

  1. Short rows are such an interesting technique, but I always end up doing just what you did and knit too many repeats. The ripping out and the wasted knitting is so frustrating!I need to get back to that book! I finished Sleep and Food, and then got distracted by other books.

  2. Sorry to hear about the short row problem making your first attempt unwearable (I think it is a word!). Good job on trying again. Sometimes I am lazy and just throw it aside. I love your book selections!

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