cutting my losses

When my peonies bloomed last year for the first time, it was a banner gardening moment.  This year, my plant was poised to produce five times the number of flowers from last year.
On Saturday the glorious show began,
And on Tuesday after three days of steady downpours, I was forced to admit defeat and marched resolutely out to the flower bed with my scissors in hand.  Usually I don’t cut many of my flowers because I have so few of them and they last so much longer on the bush.
About 1/3 of the buds are still out on the bush, but rain is supposed to return tomorrow.  Someday I’ll have so many flowers growing in my garden that I won’t be able to tell where I’ve cut any to take inside.  Until then we’ve been enjoying a foretaste of good things to come.


4 thoughts on “cutting my losses

  1. Your peonies are so beautiful! We've had to transplant ours again ("full sun" on planting instructions to not equate to "Georgia full sun") and missed out on the flowers altogether this year.

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