yarn along ~ june 20

It’s Yarn Along time!
On the needles: The Aviatrix is taking shape.  I’ve finished 6 of the 10 main sections that comprise the hat.  This is proving to be the perfect project for my current knit-three-stitches-between-interruptions existence.  I’m even able to remember the stitch pattern without looking and can always figure out where I left off pretty easily—this is nothing short of a miracle since my memory is not at its sharpest right now!
Off the bookshelf: Still continuing on with some of my reads from last week, but the hold list at the library worked in my favor this week, and among the books coming home with me were How Eskimos Keep their Babies Warm (which I learned about from Jess over at Fifth Lamp Down during the last two Yarn Alongs) and Grow Great Grub.  Can’t wait to get into both of these books!


6 thoughts on “yarn along ~ june 20

  1. You always have the most fascinating reading to report at the Yarn Along! I do so wish your blog had a subscribe by email option so I didn't miss out between Yarn Alongs!

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