a bevy of belts

The males in our family are notoriously lacking in the area of posterior padding.  Without a little assistance, pants droop, sag, and generally don’t fit the way their manufacturers or seamstresses intended.  Spud is fully on his way to becoming potty proficient and now that he is going through most of his days with big boy underwear on under his pants, instead of a diaper or pull-ups, visitors to our home might think that a plumber has taken up permanent residence (please don’t take offense if you’re a plumber or you know and love one).
Thus, some belts were in order.  I used the instructions for the “Hold ‘em Up Belt” from Sewing for Boys.  It’s just your basic D-ring belt, (which I’ve always liked the look of, but could never seem to keep cinched up) but with a twist of genius. 
They sandwich a thick interfacing/stabilizer inside the belt, and voila!, the belt stays tight.  Almost too tight, in fact, as it’s a little difficult for tiny fingers to undo quickly when Mother Nature is calling.  I’m looking forward to making more of these in the future.  Next time I’m going try a belt length of waist measurement + 7 or 8 inches, rather than the recommended 6.
And we’re happy around these parts, because plumber’s crack has said good-bye to our family!


One thought on “a bevy of belts

  1. That looks neat – I must try them too! I have that book, but find reading it less daunting than actually making something out of it. I love the fabrics used in the book, and then I think I should start printing my own, and soon enough I just daydream 🙂

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