eat from the pantry & freezer challenge ~ week 4

We’re heading into the final week of Stephanie’s Eat from the Pantry & Freezer Challenge with plenty of food to spare.  I feel like we could go on for at least a couple of more weeks on our freezer and pantry reserves, only buying dairy and produce, and we just might!
Last week some of the ingredients we used from our pantry and freezer included: tortillas, chicken, French bread, green olives, mozzarella, red lentils, brown rice, berries, pasta, lasagna noodles, and garbanzos.
This is the first week of summer vacation, so our meal routines will take a little adjusting, especially around lunchtime, but I still haven’t planned them out—I mainly rely on salads, fruit, and leftovers for our lunches during the summer.
I think we’ll be able to start harvesting rhubarb and kale from the garden this week, but I’m not positive, so I may have to adjust the menu plan along the way.
(Above: Red Lentil Stew (from the crockpot) over brown rice, with yogurt, from this cookbook)
Breakfast & Dinner plans for this week:
Sunday: Leftover pancakes, granola, cereal, toast
Monday: Smoothies, toast
Tuesday: Oatmeal, rhubarb muffins
Wednesday: Smoothies, toast
Thursday: Cereal, muffins/toast
Friday: Oatmeal, muffins/toast
Saturday: Pancakes, eggs
Sunday: Lasagna and Salad (lasagna is leftover from last week’s plan—one less meal to cook!)
Monday: Shishkabobs, brown rice
Tuesday: Herbed Panzanella (bread salad), pasta
Wednesday: Lime-Oregano Fajitas, brown rice
Thursday: Hamburgers
Friday: Pizza
Saturday: Leftovers

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