a stroll through the garden

Despite my best intentions our garden is coming right along.  I guess I just can’t not plant something.  This year, though, I’m feeling more relaxed about it all.  The three year old is my right hand garden man—we’ve adopted the clump planting method.  Seeds are tossed in in clumps rather than rows; oh well.  We’ve even planted The Annex, after many hours of hard work by Cowboy and his dad.  But that’s another post.  Here’s what’s happening in our raised beds and “flower” beds.
We’ll probably be able to start harvesting Swiss chard and kale next week—they always do well for us.  Now, if we could just learn to like them a little more!
Beans are about ready to start their upward climb.
Not very many of our peas sprouted, but those that did are producing nice blossoms.
Rhubarb has to be just about ready—I keep convincing myself to wait another day.
Loads of lettuce planted using the aforementioned “clumping” method.
Volunteer dill forest, with a little cilantro mixed in.
This clematis usually doesn’t bloom until late summer, but since I forgot to trim it back last fall, it’s gracing us with its blossoms right now.
Do you have any good recipes for kale and/or Swiss chard?  What’s growing in your garden


4 thoughts on “a stroll through the garden

  1. Kale sauteed with garlic, currants, and toasted walnuts is our favorite way to eat it. My boys also love green rice, which is basically white rice cooked with a couple cups of finely chopped greens. We have been doing the clumping method too!

  2. Your garden looks fantastic! We just harvested the first of our chard last night. I prefer chard over kale though I know how good kale is for you.Last night I just chopped up some chard and threw it into a stir fry with some other veg I had in the fridge, turned out great. I also throw chard into soups and casseroles. Potato gratin with garlic and kale is delicious too!happy harvesting!

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