eating from the pantry and freezer challenge ~ week 3

This week has presented the biggest challenge of the challenge so far.  I haven’t had the time to sit down and really plan some creative, tasty meals, so this week feels like I’m flying by the seat of my pants.
We Cowboy did our usual beginning of the month “BIG” grocery shopping yesterday, but on a much slimmer budget than we’re used to.  We’ve bought all of our “big ticket” items for the month, and have $100 remaining for produce, milk, etc. as needed for the rest of the month.  Although it’s a little scary to have so little left for our food budget, I’m looking forward to it, as it will force me to get creative!
Last week, some of the items we used up included: vegetarian gluten steaks, Gardenburgers, corn, black beans, and a venison roast.  Black bean/tomato/corn salad and lime-oregano fajitas were both well-received.  We didn’t eat hot dogs as planned last week, which was fortunate, because they made a much-needed easy meal last night.
Here’s the plan for this week:
Monday—Cereal, toast, berries
Tuesday—Oatmeal, Berries, Toast
Wednesday—Applesauce on Toast
Thursday—Cereal, toast, berries
Friday—Applesauce on toast
Saturday—Pancackes/Waffles, berries, eggs
Sunday—Hot dogs, applesauce, chips, grape tomatoes
Monday—Pasta with alfredo sauce, salad, crusty bread with tomatoes, chickpeas, and green olives (I loved this—pretty much everyone else ate only one slice).
Tuesday—Red lentil stew (made in the crockpot!), brown rice, naan
Wednesday—Baked potatoes, roast
Thursday—Leftovers w/ salad
Friday—Greek rice balls, salad


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