eating from the freezer and pantry challenge ~ week 2

Week 1 of our family’s eating challenge went smoothly.  As the weeks pass, I’m going to have to get more creative since most of the foods we need to use up are not most people’s favorites (surprise!).  I’m hoping to actually stretch my challenge from four weeks to five.  I tried to get everyone on board by serving some meals the first week that I knew would be big hits.  The bread salad (Herbed Panzanella from Parents Need to Eat Too) went over very well, and will probably join our regular repertoire.
I’m beginning to see some huge holes in my freezers.  Last week some of the ingredients I used up from the freezer/pantry included: trout, numerous berries, two bags of frozen pinto beans, 1 bag of frozen peas, 2 veggie burgers, pineapple juice, vegetable broth, corn, cheddar, 2 bags vegetarian gluten patties, 1 bag brown rice, 2 cans of tomatoes, eggs, and 1 bag of Spanish rice.
This week’s plan for breakfast and lunch is much the same as last week.  Here’s the plan for dinner:
Monday—Hot Dogs
Wednesday—Curried Potatoes
Thursday—Corn Salad
Friday—Lime Fajitas
Saturday—Eating elsewhere.
Stephanie at Keeper of the Home is organizing this challenge; stop by her space to read what others are doing during these four weeks to stretch their food dollar.


One thought on “eating from the freezer and pantry challenge ~ week 2

  1. this is a great idea…I'll be following along to see how the weeks progress..sounds like the first week was a nice selection of great eats…I've never been one for restaurants so this is right up my alley..

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