yarn along ~ april 25

Joining Ginny . . . what are you knitting/crocheting and reading this week?
On the needles: It’s been a challenging week.  I did manage to finish the bottom edge of my Buttercup, but haven’t even attempted starting the sleeves.  Lori’s pockets came along at just the right time, and although I have only {almost} finished one so far, they’ve been the perfect project.
Off the bookshelf: Before jumping on the Merry Hall bandwagon a couple of days ago, I pulled one of my all-time favorites from my teenage years, Going on Sixteen, off the shelf.  It’s a simple and touching, somewhat predictable story of a teenage girl and a dog.  Certainly not something that would be considered a literary masterpiece, but one of my preferred types of books—I wish they still wrote books like this. 


2 thoughts on “yarn along ~ april 25

  1. i love those comforting reads, and i'm glad you have yours. i'm glad the pocket was just the knitting you needed as well, it's beautiful and it's going to be very well loved. thank you so much!

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