a good one

Should you ever, around mealtime, find yourself home alone with a three year old and a 1 month old, who, within the course of the last 24 hours has demanded 17 feedings (yes, there is an app for that), you’ll be hoping you have a good husband.
After frantically reheating soup and biscuits, slicing apples, and putting leftover salad and dressing on the table in a desperate attempt to have the three-year-old’s lunch ready before the newborn calls for his lunch from the couch across the room, you’ll be praying you have a good husband. 
The kind of husband, who, when he is home in the evenings and on weekends, brings you ice water and and your half-eaten plate of food when you have to leave the table for a more comfortable place to nurse.
Because, if,–when you’re sitting there on the couch among the mounds of half folded laundry alone with a three year old at lunch time and a newborn who is nursing yet again and your ravenous stomach can be heard across town—if you have that kind of husband, you’ll be the lucky recipient of a “cream” (ranch dressing intended for the salad) sandwich (biscuits intended for the butter), thoughtfully prepared by two not-as-chubby-as-they-used-to-be hands who belong to a little person who has carefully been observing how Daddy treats Mommy.
Your “sandwich”, along with your now-cooled bowl of soup will be delivered to you on the couch, along with a proud smile from the deliveryman, whose face will show much evidence of having sampled the “cream” numerous times. That meal will taste better than any ever produced by a 5-star restaurant.  If you have a good husband.
I got a good one.

One thought on “a good one

  1. You do indeed, and both of you are excellent examples to your children. Moms learn to eat cold, on the run, out of someone else plate, not all the way cooked, or over cooked, and sometimes not getting to eat at all meals. Having someone there to watch over you while you watch over them is great.

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