spring growth

The weather was warmer and drier over the weekend, and we were able, among other things, to get in our first hot dog roast around the fire pit.  I also managed to plant a few rows of the carrots, radishes, and lettuce I’ve been planning to put in the ground for the last ten days or so.
I also treated myself to a slow walk through the yard and garden beds, and was thrilled to discover that after four years, my first lilac bush is going to bloom.  Apparently my perennials are meant to develop my patience, and eventually all that waiting pays off.
It will take awhile for these guys to catch up, but remember those free lilacs Cowboy rescued for me from the roadside?  Several of them survived the winter and are producing healthy foliage; in a few years we may have more lilac blossoms than we want!
Can’t wait for the peonies to make their second appearance.
Despite my resolve to make this year a lighter gardening year, I can’t resist tomatoes.  The ten pots of seedlings I planted a couple of weeks ago are coming right along.
And plants aren’t the only things growing around here this spring.  At the one month mark (already?!), this little guy is getting his chub on.  At today’s doctor’s appointment he was 21” in length (up from 19” at birth), and weighed in at 8 lbs. 11 oz (up from 6 lb. 12 oz. at birth)—we are thrilled!
(And in the interest of keeping it real and an accurate record for posterity . . . this post was written over the course of two days, during at least one feeding, and typed mainly with one hand, while a three year old who decided to skip his nap peppered me with unrelenting questions and suggestions.)


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