yarn along ~ april 11

Joining Ginny . . .

On the needles: I’ve reached the gusset on the third pair of Tiny Pants, but really haven’t worked on them this week, as I was unexpectedly distracted by my long-neglected Buttercup.  I really don’t have much farther to go on it, and I’m in the midst of lengthening it—perfect, mindless stockinette, round and round; easy to pick up and put down without worrying about where I’m at in the pattern.  This was intended to be an early pregnancy sweater last fall, (oh, the things I always imagine that I will get done) so now I guess it will just be a regular old spring (or more likely chilly summer) post-pregnancy sweater.

Off the bookshelf: I’m basically done with Leadership Education and still find it overwhelming and inspiring at the same time.  It seems like a lot to put into practice, but it’s not too early to start thinking about what homeschooling would look like for us, should we choose that option sometime in the future.  Also, never far away from my reach is What to Expect the First Year—it almost always has the answers I’ve forgotten for all those new baby questions that seem to pop up.
Happy knitting and reading!


7 thoughts on “yarn along ~ april 11

  1. Your knits look great, I'm knitting a baby cardigan at the moment, pop over and have a look if you have the time, you are always welcome.You don't know whether they publish a ' what to expect in the 9th year' do you as the questions never stop!!!Fleur xx

  2. What to Expect… is never out of my reach either. I love the comment you left on my blog. Sometimes it seems whole days go by where all I've done is read story books, change diapers and build Lego towns.Your knitting is beautiful! I love the colors you've chosen for both projects.

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