yarn along ~ april 4

Glad to be joining Ginny for another Yarn Along this week . . .
On the needles:  So I actually took this picture for last week’s Yarn Along, but never was able to post it, so just pretend that the soaker is about 4 inches longer, and you’ll have an accurate picture of my knitting and reading for this week.  Such is life with a newborn Smile.  This is another Tiny Pants soaker—I’m aiming for newborn size and again experimenting with short rows in the bum.  Since the Newest Addition is almost ready to start wearing the cloth diapers we have for him (once he adds just a little more chub to his thighs) I need to start churning out soakers for him at a faster rate, since right now we have, um, one finished soaker.
Off the bookshelf:  After reading this review of Parents Need to Eat Too by Debbie Koenig, I decided to see if my library had a copy available.  I love my library, but I’m often frustrated that their idea of what new releases to buy and mine don’t often jive.  Happily, we agreed for once, because not only did they have the book, but it was actually available on the shelf.  I proceeded to read it from cover to cover over the next few days. 
In this mostly cookbook, but also partly parent-to-a-newborn-advice-book, Koenig succeeds in her goal of showing parents how to cook quick and delicious meals from (mostly) scratch in a short amount of time—crucial when you’re dealing with a house full of littles.  She covers a wide spectrum of situations and techniques for new parents who want to eat well, ranging from foods that promote milk production to slow cooker recipes to recipes for those who don’t/can’t cook.  Much like the cookbook Feeding the Whole Family, each recipe has suggestions at the end for how to make the recipe or its ingredients baby/toddler friendly.  One of my favorite features is the comments from real mom recipe testers at the end of each recipe.
I actually went and bought this book for myself (a rarity) because I found myself looking again and again at the recipes.  After 9 months of mostly finding food unappealing, it was nice to be salivating over recipes again.  So far I’ve made the Jammy Oatmeal Shortbread Bars, Hummus, Greekish Orzo Salad, and Baked Oatmeal from the book, and liked them all!
What are you knitting and reading this week?



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