no matter how hard I try . . .

I always get sucked back in.  I fought hard this year—the garden is supposed to be one of the things I’m “letting go” with the arrival of the little one.  All those glossy seed catalogs kept rolling in and I didn’t succumb—not one packet of new seeds has been purchased.
But I still get my reminder e-mails of what to plant each week from My Square Foot Garden, and though that gardening itch was miniscule, it was still there.  When the sun burst out on Friday, we just had to head to the garden.
Once there, we discovered that our peas (photo above) had, in fact, survived,
the rhubarb had rebounded nicely, and the garlic, though a little spindly, was standing tall. 
We spent a glorious hour and a half in the warm sunshine, and I managed to plant two rows of spinach and start several pots worth of tomato seeds.  Not even close to what I might usually attempt to accomplish, but it felt just right.


3 thoughts on “no matter how hard I try . . .

  1. Oh please don't think I'm doing it all! My mom is still here helping me, so I've not had to do laundry at all or worry about meals too much. Reality starts on Monday! 🙂

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