yarn along ~ march 21

On the needles:  The early arrival of our new little boy means I am way behind on the baby knitting, which truth be told, was going to come down to the wire anyways.  I was able to cast on this little vest while we were in the hospital—all that remains is to teach myself a 3-needle bind-off and it will be done; really happy with this pattern.  Also just off the needles is another pair of Tiny Pants.  These will still be gigantic on him at this stage of the game, but I had fun playing around with adding in short rows in the bum, using this tutorial which is by far the best advice I’ve found on short rows to this point.
Off the bookshelf: No reading going on around here . . . just reveling in all the little fingers, toes, sights, and sounds that are the miracle of a new baby.

What are you reading and knitting this week?  Stop by Ginny’s Yarn Along!



11 thoughts on “yarn along ~ march 21

  1. Way behind? You sound plenty busy to me! Congratulations! 🙂 (I was crocheting a blanket when I was in labor with my son, so I totally grok you learning new stitching skills in the hospital. Rock on!)

  2. oh how wonderful! congratulations on your new baby boy, he's just gorgeous. and so is big brother, what a sweetie! many blessings to you and your family, welcome baby!

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