yarn along ~ march 14

On/Off the needles:  At last the Calligraphy Cardigan is finished—thanks for hanging in there with me!  I still need to block it, but then it’s ready to be passed off to my mom.  She made things easier on me right from the start as she didn’t want the pockets or buttonholes, just one button near where the safety pin is, along with a simple thread/yarn loop.  Great pattern, but I’m really disappointed with the yarn—you can see on the front where it has already pilled simple from the process of being handled while I was knitting.  The top photo is the truest color, by the way, still having problems with that, even though I adjusted my white balance.  So many things to learn, so little time.  I would model the sweater for you, but at 36+ weeks pregnant, I don’t think it would be a true representation of the correct fit, so that will have to wait!  Smile
Now it’s on to quicker, yet more urgent projects like soakers.  I finished the green pair of tiny pants I started last week, and am on to another larger pair.  I’m trying out some of the mods suggested here, especially the short rows, as I think there needs to be some shaping in the bum.  Once I get these finished, I might dive in and try some Vanillas.
Off the bookshelf: When I saw Harvesting Color on Lori’s post recently, I immediately ordered it from the library.  I certainly don’t have time for dyeing my own yarns right now, but it’s fun to start reading and dreaming.  I’d love to have a dye garden someday.  What is so great about this book, besides the gorgeous photos, is how it’s divided into seasons, so you know what plants are most readily available at different times of the year.
I also checked out The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes, and haven’t looked through it much, other than to notice that it is geared towards all types of fibers, not just yarns. 
How are your knitting and reading going this week?  Stop by Ginny’s for more inspiration!


2 thoughts on “yarn along ~ march 14

  1. your cardigan is gorgeous! your mom must be thrilled. sorry to hear about the yarn, but it looks really nice in the photos! i've been reading up on plant dying in preparation for the workshop i'm taking, i haven't done this before (not since highschool many years ago!).oh! your baby is almost here!!

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