yarn along ~ march 7

On the needles: I really don’t like drama, but I feel like knitting this Calligraphy Cardigan has turned into something completely over the top dramatic.  After last Wednesday’s Yarn Along, I fully expected to be able to show you pictures of my mom wearing her newly finished cardigan.  I was prepared to finish the final button band on Friday and even the weaving in of loose threads prior to seeing my mom over the weekend.  But Thursday evening I suddenly realized that I was not going to have enough yarn to finish—that smaller ball of brown you see above was all I had left. 
Trying not to panic, I set the cardigan aside, hoping that the cardigan would somehow work as it was after I had my mom try it on, and by way of distraction and desperation (as baby will be arriving in about a month) began knitting my first soaker.
Of course, after having my mom try on the cardigan, we determined the extra width was necessary for the cardigan to fit well.  So, I thought I would just order an extra skein of yarn.  Wrong again.  I zipped on over to the Knit Picks website, only to find that my yarn had been discontinued.  Are you kidding me?  Thus, began a search of Ravelry stashes hoping to find someone willing to sell me one skein.  I did locate a seller and contacted them.  I also felt sure that I had another small ball of the yarn lost somewhere in the car, but couldn’t find it.  I thought that perhaps I had forgotten that I had actually used it.  Last night, having still not heard from the Ravelry seller, I was resigned to waiting it out.  Then, Cowboy, after unloading the car from our weekend trip, came in and presented me with the larger ball of brown yarn you see above—he said he didn’t know where it came from, but all of the sudden there it was on the floor of the car.  So, next week, barring some sort of other unforeseen knitting disaster, I WILL have a completed cardigan to show you, although it will be a little while before I’ll actually be able to get pictures of my mom wearing it!
Off the bookshelf: The reading here has been scant this week, but these books are patiently waiting for me: Under the Chinaberry Tree, Leadership Education, and Simplicity Parenting
Stop by Ginny’s Yarn Along to see what others are knitting and reading this week.

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