yarn along ~ february 29 {I love . . . making progress}

It’s Yarn Along time with Ginny . . .
On the needles: Yes indeed, those are two completed sleeves on my mom’s Calligraphy Cardigan!  The left button band is underway, and I’m really glad to be off the dpns—we don’t get along that well.  However, I can’t remember the last time I used a regular straight knitting needle!
Off the bookshelf:  I’m making my way through Under the Chinaberry Tree—I love finding recommendations for quality children’s books that I’ve never read before.  This is a great collection of book ideas, as well as parenting advice.  This book is definitely a great resource for those looking for good books for children through about age 8.  I think I prefer Honey for a Child’s Heart, though because it covers ages birth through teen, and with (almost) 4 kids ranging from in-the-womb to age 15, it just applies more to our family.  I also like that the recommendations in Honey for a Child’s Heart are short (or nonexistent) and to the point—not even really an annotated bibliography, but a great list that I can consult at my leisure while searching my library’s website.
I’m also still working on Leadership Education.  Overall, I’m finding the concepts presented logical and inspiring, but I’m having to read it in small spurts because if I read too much at once I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.
(And, this is the last day of “I Love . . .”—thanks to Kerry for hosting!  I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to blog every day without a lot of pressure hanging over me about “what to write about”—I’ve been inspired!)


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