february 27 ~ I love . . .

hanging the first hummingbird feeder of the year.  Three weeks ago, Bug spotted the first hummingbird flitting around the yard; I hesitated to put up a feeder, as the earliest I’ve ever put one out is the first part of March.
Yesterday, as we were sitting in front of the living room window, Jr. spotted a hummingbird sitting on the clothesline.  He, my mom, and I all watched as the poor thing tried to drink from both a bolt and a paintbrush that had been hung up to dry from the eaves.  Twice, he buzzed up to the window and hovered there, “giving me the business” (as Cowboy would say).  My mom said she could hear him chattering at me the second time.  Now, who could resist that?  Jr. retrieved the hummingbird feeders from the garage, and I mixed up a batch of syrup.  No hummingbird sightings today, but we know they’re out there!

Joining Kerry for “I Love . . .” during the month of February.


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