february 17 ~ I love . . .

my boots.  I procrastinated in getting my first pair of rubber boots because I wasn’t sure I would really use them, other than in the garden, maybe.  In fact, that first pair was actually from the boys’ shoe department because they were so much cheaper than the women’s ones.  They only lasted a year, but I was hooked.
Then my dear Cowboy bought me my first pair of BOGS two Christmases ago, and I haven’t looked back.  My first pair of BOGS developed a crack in a place that was clearly not from wear and tear (maybe just a flaw) and they replaced my first pair with a brand new pair (those pictured above) free of charge.  I wear them everywhere, fall through spring, all day long and my feet stay comfortable and dry—Cowboy swears by them now, too.
Susy wrote a great post not long ago about her boots, too—my sentiments, exactly!
Joining Kerry for “I Love . . .” month.

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