yarn along ~ february 15 (I love . . .)

Ginny’s Yarn Alongs are one of the things I love about each and every week . . .
It’s been a surprisingly productive week around here in both the knitting and reading departments . . .
On the needles: I’ve almost reached the ribbed cuff on the first sleeve redo on my mom’s Calligraphy Cardigan.  This is huge, but even better was starting and finishing two hats for Cowboy in time for Valentine’s Day.  Completing those two hats has helped me regain my motivation for finishing the cardigan!
Off the bookshelf: Pregnancy-induced insomnia propelled me through the “Rhythm” and “Schedules” sections of Simplicity Parenting and partway into “Filtering Out the Adult World”.  There were so many thought-provoking ideas in the two chapters I finished that I’ve been slowing down again and trying to implement a few of them before digesting the next chapter. 
I think it’s important to try and really solidify some of Spud’s daily rhythms before the new baby arrives, so I’m trying to follow Payne’s advice and “Choose basic activities that need to be made more consistent, and work up from there, slowly changing the composition of your days” (pg. 104).  The first chunk of routines we’re working on are: consistent teeth brushing, end-of-meal tasks, and regular outside time each morning.  My biggest challenge is remembering to follow through; we’re doing better, now that I’ve set some alarm reminders on my phone!
I also just picked up Honey for a Child’s Heart from the library today, and am looking forward to starting that as well!

Also joining Kerry for “I Love . . .” month!


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