february 12 ~ I love . . .

names.  Particularly names of paint, but if I really think about it, I love names of all sorts: seed names, names of roses, people’s names and their meanings, names of colors, names of yarn, etc.  I always wonder if there’s a specific job for naming paint.  And how, with all the products out there do they avoid repeating the name of something else?  I appreciate thought and creativity behind a good name: “Goodwill to Men” or “Spacious Skies”, yes.  “Summer Fun Blue” not so much.
Ironic, then, that the latest color of paint I chose was simply “Classic Taupe”.  And even more puzzling, is the fact that we still have not a clue what we’re naming our baby who will be born in less than two months.  I’m hoping for something more inspired than “Classic Taupe”.

Joining Kerry for “I Love . . .” month.

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