february 10 ~ I love . . .

raising a reader.  In college, and later as a teacher, I learned a lot about the techniques and factors involved in helping children become successful readers.  Some of it made sense, but most of it seemed like just a bunch of hard work that actually would make reading very unpleasant.  I know every child is different and many just don’t take to the actual process of reading easily, but I think every child responds to the power of a good story.  I’m so glad that Spud shares his older brother’s and my love of a good book.  I’m afraid I might be getting a little spoiled—maybe when FutureBaby arrives it will be a completely different situation!
It’s all well and good to read and study about the initial steps towards reading—things like letter recognition, or memorizing and then “reading” a story (that’s happening big time around here), but to see it happening right in front of you as a child progresses through different stages of interest and learning from birth and onwards, well that’s a fantastically thrilling experience.  I love that I get to have a front row seat, and for now I’m just trying to let him lead and sit back and enjoy the ride.

( Joining in Kerry’s “I love . . .” month!)


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