yarn along ~ february 1

On the needles: The cardigan took two steps back and one step forward this week.  Those balls and skeins you see in the photo are what used to be two almost-finished sleeves.  My mom was visiting this weekend and I had her try the sweater on.  If you’ve been following my cardigan’s journey ever so patiently from week to week, you might recall that I was concerned with the sleeve length.  Turns out, the length was fine, but the sleeve width/circumference was not.  So, rip away I did, and I’ve now contrived a way to restart the sleeve in the next size up; here’s hoping that works!
Off the bookshelf:  I finished Cannons at Dawn from last week; great book, and a good reminder of why I like historical fiction so much.  Although it’s technically a children’s book, I would not recommend it for anyone much younger than 12 or 13.  There is some subject matter that is handled very tastefully, but that I would consider not the best for someone younger.  I’m hoping the Dear America series has more sequels in store for some of the books.
I’ve been perusing a few cookbooks, trying to get inspired for freezer and/or easy meals for after the baby arrives in a couple of months.  And, I’m still working on Simplicity Parenting.  That one has slowed down quite a bit as I’m putting down the book in order to put the author’s suggestions into practice.  I’ve once again downsized Spud’s toy and book selection, and in this second week, he seems to be handling it much better.  Next up is the section on Rhythm.
What are you reading and knitting this week?  Join in at Ginny’s Yarn Along!


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