whatever the weather

We’re still trying to get outdoors even though the weather isn’t the most welcoming.  I’ve discovered that a good strategy for overcoming my own reluctance to venture out into the rain and cold is to suggest we go outside to Spud, who promptly declines, then reconsiders a few minutes later, and begins insisting that we go outside until I acquiesce. 
This week we’ve spent two very different days outdoors—both equally invigorating.
On the first day we were supposed to get 6 inches of rain in 24 hours, so at the end of our time outside we were soaked.  We explored the wonders of mud, puddles, and rocks splashing into puddles. 
Spud was especially interested in watching the ways the water traveled from the top of the hill via ditches, etc., eventually joining up with one of two creeks at the bottom.
With little to no rain during our walk the second day, Spud enjoyed much more climbing, crawling, and exploring.
He asked some very perceptive (I think) questions like “Why is it still wet if it’s not raining?” and noticed that his rocks made significantly smaller splashes in the puddles than they had the day before.
He also enjoyed watching the bubbles formed in the cascading creeks.
Our adventures ended with a visit to the “Green Forest” where I was invited to visit his house and see his “oven” and “honey tree”.
On our way home, I was frequently instructed to stick to the main trail, while he took the “jingle-jangle” trail.  (Whatever that means; all I know is that his imagination was working overtime.)
All of these escapades result in a little extra laundry for Mama, but I don’t regret a second of it.  I always come home thinking, “This was well worth it.”


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