yarn along ~ january 25

On the needles: “Is that a sleeve, I spy?” you might be asking.  Why, yes, it is, but it’s the second sleeve, and I’m already on the ribbed cuff!  This sleeve will be the correct length, but I’ll still have to go back and lengthen the first one. 
Off the bookshelf:  I’m just between books right now.  I finished The Penderwicks at Point Mouette and savored it to the very end; it’s a lighthearted, yet touching read, and I’m can’t wait to see where Jeanne Birdsall takes her family of characters next.  There are some definite hints in this most recent book about directions she might take in the future, and, I was excited to read on her website that she plans to write a total of five Penderwick books, so that gives me two more to look forward to! 
I just picked up Cannons at Dawn, The Second Diary of Abigail Jane Stewart by Kristiana Gregory from the library today and am looking forward to reading what is one of the most recent additions to the Dear America series, as well as a sequel to what I believe was the first book ever published in the series.
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