a bookcase trick

My recent wave of cleaning, organizing, and discarding included consolidating two bookcases into one and moving one of them to another part of the house.  Other than the fact that they take up space beside my bed, and one needed to be moved to make room for a cradle, my main beef with the bookcases was that they became a catchall for little odds and ends—A LOT of little odds and ends.  Things like pen caps, cameras, needles, receipts, loose change, etc.  If I didn’t want Spud to get ahold of it, or I didn’t know where to put it, it usually ended up on the front edge of one of the bookshelves.  (Thankfully, I forgot to take a before picture—it was ugly.)
After neatly reshelving all of the books into their proper spot in the remaining bookcase, I realized that I had inadvertently helped myself to avoid the return of the clutter. 
Without thinking about it, I’d placed most of the books an inch or less away from the front of the shelf, rather than pushing them to the back of the shelf, claiming the space that had previously been a clutter magnet.
I’ve heard many organizational experts and fellow bloggers talk about ridding your home of unfilled horizontal space to avoid the pile-up of clutter, paper, and other odds and ends.  One of my next tasks is to come up with one central location for all of the different little items that don’t seem to have a “home”, but quickly make a mess.
What about you?  How do protect the horizontal spaces in your home?  What do you do with all the little bits and pieces that can become a big bunch of clutter?
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